The Glenturret Distillery,

The Glenturret Distillery, Crieff
Location Crieff, Scotland
Year 2021
Client The Glenturret Distillery
Type Commercial

Founded in 1763 The Glenturret Distillery is Scotland’s oldest working distillery. Having recently finished a full internal and External refurbishment, unfortunately there was water ingress on the new Bar and Whiskey Tour roof. We were tasked to come up with a temporary roof solution, over the triangular shaped building, to allow the flat roof membrane to be removed and replaced, whilst not disturbing the day to day operations of the distillery tours and Michelin starred Glenturret Lalique Restaurant.

The end result was a buttressed cuplok independent scaffold, with over 30ton of kentledge using IBC water tanks, one area part built by saddling an existing roof and another bridging 15m over the restaurants smoking area, all finished a roof structure built with UBIX aluminium beams and covered in plastic shrinkwrap. The project ran for approx. 9 weeks in total, 6 of which were taken up by the erect and dismantle of the scaffolding.

A word from the client
Glenturret Distillery
Colin Hart, Operations Manager

A/S/S did a fantastic job on a very technical scaffolding and encapsulation of part of the Glenturret Distillery. From the start, the technical design of this complex project was done with professionalism and excellent knowledge. Onsite, the team were again professional and allowed us to continue to provide our guests with the experience they expect at the Glenturret Lalique Restaurant and the Distillery. The encapsulation was watertight throughout the 9-week project and allowed us to replace the flat roof membrane without any water damage to the recently refurbished building.